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Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Alchemist Bundle Vol.1 & Vol.2

Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Alchemist Bundle Vol.1 & Vol.2

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Calling all Lo-Fi beat makers! We've got something special for you: The LoFi HipHop Alchemist Bundle. It's like getting two secret weapons in one, combining the magic of Vol.1 and Vol.2.

This bundle is your key to unlocking next-level Lo-Fi creations. A collection of 140 royalty-free samples, hand-picked for pure sonic goodness, is waiting to inspire you. It's not just about dusty beats – it's about capturing a feeling.

Vol.1 dives deep into the heart of Lo-Fi, offering soulful melodies and deep basslines that will get your head nodding. These handcrafted samples aren't just loops – they're building blocks for creating stories and atmospheres in your music.

Vol.2 takes things up a notch with a focus on smooth textures and those classic laid-back Lo-Fi grooves. We've got dedicated sections for everything you need: bass, guitars, keys, drums – the whole crew. And guess what? Everything works together seamlessly, so you can spend less time tweaking and more time creating.

This bundle is your cheat code for crafting incredible Lo-Fi tracks. Want to make the next chillhop masterpiece? This is your secret weapon. The LoFi HipHop Alchemist Bundle – it's everything you need to take your sound places it's never been before.

Ready to level up your Lo-Fi game? Grab the bundle today and get ready to redefine your sound with every beat you make.


File Size: 260Mb+

Bass: 3 Loops
Drums: 8 Loops
Guitars: 23 Loops
Keys: 13 Loops
Piano: 45 Loops
Synth: 8 Loops
Vocals: 29 Loops
Other: 11 Loops

File Format: Wav 24 bit/44100Khz

No royalties or fees to pay, so whatever you create with the loops is entirely yours to use as you see fit.

Compatible with ALL DAWs (Ableton, FL Studio, Reason, Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, etc.)

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Audio Spectrum Grid
Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Alchemist Bundle Vol.1 & Vol.2 Demo
Sample Demo
Piano B | 98 Bpm
Sample Demo
Guitar Bm | 90 Bpm
Sample Demo
Synth Gm | 100 Bpm
Sample Demo
Guitar Am | 60 Bpm